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Xsightn Photography is a Nigeria based fashion, wedding and lifestyle photography outfit. We love to think our approach to wedding photography is both fresh and urban. We pride ourselves of being one of the top wedding photographers in Nigeria, shooting high-end weddings for Nigerian couples based outside Nigeria. In 2010 we were privileged to shoot weddings for Nigerian brides based in the USA, UK, South Africa, Canada and Cameroon . While I started off shooting weddings, I have discovered a brand new love for fashion photography. "I love the fact that i am a wedding photographer and I feel so incredibly lucky to be able to capture and document, the memories, love, look and the happiness in my work" "I approach my wedding photography in a way that leads to an intimate and artful expression resulting in images that reflect your unique personality, capturing the natural mood of the day that will be cherished in your family for years to come." Kayode(the lead photographer) started his career in IT before training under some of the world's best known photographers. Throughout his photography career, Xsightn has developed a unique style of creating timeless imagery. He draws inspiration for everything around him, from movies and television, to literary figures and, of course, journalism. Email us at bookings@xsightn.com or Call +2348097899454 or +2348023702640 Xsightn Website

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    Wedding Photographer in Nigeria, how it started.

    Wednesday, January 27th, 2010

    So i wasn’t born a wedding photographer, big deal.
    But a lot has changed since then(obviously). A couple of years ago, i was just your average Nigerian dude with no particular interest in wedding photography, to me wedding photographers just made up the numbers at weddings. So much so that when i was to get married it wasn’t even in my budget, my parents offered to take care of it and i was glad they did. They got this old looking dude to cover the event and i couldn’t even be bothered at the time, to me it was free, so it was ok, i just smiled into the camera when i was asked to and prayed the flash from the old dude didn’t blind my eyes.
    The wedding pictures came out a few weeks after and they were ok, i didn’t make any fuss about bad composition, bad lighting, the harsh flash and the blurry images, to me i had an album for my wedding and that was all that mattered. I didn’t even touch the album again for months to come.
    Then i was online one day and met a guy called Mike Colon,a wedding photographer, OMG !!!!, my whole life changed, this couldn’t be wedding photography could it? Simply speaking i was blown away. I spent the next few weeks going through the works of Mike, Joe Bussink, Bambi Cantrell, Yervant and instantly i knew i had found my calling.
    I wanted to be a wedding photographer for the rest of my life, i couldn’t see myself doing anything else, i began to invest in books and DVDs and became friends with the top wedding photographers in Nigeria, the Body-Lawsons, Emma Ologeh, Mike Iyang and a few others, i began to learn from everywhere and everyone, i even traveled out of the country a few times to rub shoulders with the big boys internationally.

    Why do i write this post? Well a Fan just posted a comment on my Facebook fan page and i thought i take it from there.

    You need to get a proper photographer to cover your wedding, you need to take out the time to fall in love with photography (if only for just that one event) trust me you will thank me later for this tip, i look at the beautiful albums i turn out for clients now on a regular basis and compare them to what i have from my own wedding and its almost an irony.
    A bride recently changed her wedding date, so she could fit into my calender, that tells me she knows what she wants for the main day, she can’t afford to get it wrong the first time, for weddings there is no second chance.

    Xsightn would love to shoot your wedding, its what we do best.
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    And because a picture is worth a thousand word, here’s a sneak into what i am currently working on.

    wedding photography xsightn photographer nigeria Wedding Photographer in Nigeria, how it started.

    A gorgeous Nigerian bride and groom

    Have a great day.

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